Wednesday, January 25, 2006

what is a nursery?

"Nursery: a place where something is produced, fostered and developed"

"Christian families are the nurseries of the church on earth,
as she is the nursery of the church in heaven."--J. M. Mason

My idea of a nursery has changed significantly over the past little while. I have come to realize that nurseries are found in every period of life. The nursery is the mother's womb, the father's arms; it is the four walls we call "home." We are being produced, fostered and developed from infancy to adulthood. The question is: How good are the nurseries in your families life? Are they producing healthy, nourished, plants with vibrant flowers: the fruit of loving care and tender direction? Or are they neglected little plants left to themselves, producing the shriveled fruit of neglect and the wild branches of undiscipline?

To be continued...

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