Wednesday, February 22, 2006

GMA takes on the day care debate

Good Morning America featured a debate called "Mommy Wars: To Work or Stay at Home." You can find it here
When I heard at the beginning of the program that they would be featuring this topic, I stayed tuned to see it. After all, this was right up my alley...fitting in to my life as a stay at home mom. I had already positioned myself on the side of the stay at home moms and against whoever was saying it was good to be outside of the home while raising children. I anticipated identifying with those who were sacrificing careers for their children's best interest. Eagerly I waited for the thrill of getting upset at the new feminism propaganda I was sure to hear.
The boys woke up, breakfast was made, clothes were put on, and my ears remained tuned in for the upcoming feature. Finally it was on.

I listened, squinting my eyes and tilting my head this way and that as I tried to understand where these people were coming from. It wasn't quite as clear as I had imagined. "My daughter is better adjusted. My son likes it that I am home. My daughter wants a career just like me. Children and no happier at home than they are at daycare. Divorce rates are high...women need to be prepared. You are holding your children back. You aren't there for your kids. I couldn't handle 'potty talk' all day, I need stimulation. It is quite possible to be stimulated from home."

Around and around, back and forth it went for the entirety of the segment; and this is what I was left with: I have no part in this discussion. I will explain:
I am a Christian mother. I am part of a Christian home and am attempting to raise children under the covering and blessings of the church family. Already, the fact that I am raising my children as Christians puts me in a drastically different category than the mothers seeking to raise their children apart from Christianity. Why in the world am I seeking to gain insight into this issue from someone in such a different place than myself?

I still watched the next day's debate, but I watched with different glasses. I now saw these people not as peers from whom I could learn, but as searching women trying to make sense of home, family and mothering in a world of fierce feminism, strangling freedoms and the idea that fufuillment comes only through pleasing yourself.

This is not the Christian way. However, I am sad to see far too many churches listening to the voice of today's society instead of clinging to the Biblical model of "family." The church has forgotten (or disregarded) the beauty of God's order in the home.

I am pleased to say that these segments opened my eyes to many aspects of the Christian home which I will attempt to discuss as the days go on.

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