Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Tribute to My Husband on His Birthday

His morning begins earlier than ours and he is off for a long day of physical work. He is dedicated and determined to take care of us: to be our provider. Two breaks and a half hour lunch is the relief he gets from his work day. Nonetheless, he leaves the same way that he comes home: with a smile on his face. Once home, after a quick shower, he lays down on the living room floor, not to take a well-deserved nap, but to join in the imaginitive play of our two year old son, many times while holding our 5 month old. This continues until suppertime when he gladly joins us around the family table to ask about our day. The rest of the evening is spent pleasing me and the boys, either accompaying us on errands, playing on the floor, or assisting in the tedious training of our toddler or the endless diaper changes of our infant. Devotions are led, hymns are sung, and prayers are said, thus marks the end of the day for the kids. I often retire to the living room to unwind in front of the tv or curl up with a favorite book. My husband's work is not finished, however. He retires to the office, gives himself a couple moments of "doing whatever" and then begins his homework. I fall asleap in the living room; thus his day ends much in the same way as it begins: the first to rise and the last to retire.
I have never doubted his love; never wondered if I was safe in his arms; never questioned the motive of his tender touch. I have a feeling that I am more blessed with him than I will ever fully realize.
Here is a man who loves his family, is committed to his duties and able to lead his home. Though he tires, he doesn't quit. Such a man I could never again find. He is my best friend, my provider, and my love; and I pray, that today, he will know just how much he means to me. Happy Birthday dear!

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Josh said...

I Am Not Deserving
I am not deserving of a wife like you. I do not see my day, my choice of activities as flawless as you do. I wake up early because I need to go to work. I would rather be in bed with you sleeping a couple of more hours. I do not nescessarily need my breaks, I could go without, but I desire to read blogs instead. When I get home I am very excited to see you and my boys, but there is also part of me that wants to be reclusive. I love eating dinner with my family, but sometimes that chaos of a screaming five month old and a two year old that won't swallow his food starts to wear on me. Often I am excited for the kids bedtime, for then it will be quite; relaxing. I do not always want to do my homework, I would rather be with you watching TV or reading a book. And I am very eager to get to bed, I am tired and worn out.
I am not the unselfish father that you have pegged me for. There are a lot of things that I need to do better; areas that you and our kids need to be put first. But I love you. I love our family. Thank you for the Happy Birthday.

Your Undeserving Husband

Jodi said...

My point of your unselfishness is only affirmed by your comment. If you always wanted to be doing the things you do, that would be selfishness. But because you choose to do what you don't always want to, for the good of your family, thus putting us first, that is unselfishness. And the good attitude you show only confirms your good character. Thank you for prooving my point! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow what an amazing intellect you have!