Friday, March 17, 2006

American Inventor: one I liked, one I didn't

It seem that the reviews I have read (the whole 30 seconds I devoted to that) didn't seem to enjoy American inventor. Well, I did; but, perhaps that is because I just don't have the mainstream idea of what "good t.v." is. Anyhow, I will give my opinion of three inventions:
1. One I liked: That mom of the handicap child who invented the video series for character development. There is a bright, innovative idea! Who would have thought of that?! Just think what children would be like if we pushed character as much as academics or athletics!
2. One I didn't like: The tizzy Tube; but not for the same reasons as the judges. I just don't think that "tizzies" should be made into fun. Afterall, is that really addressing the issue of the heart? Is it really addressing the character?
3. The 14 year old boy: smart, funny, creative: traits that any mother would be proud to see in her son. Until...that is...he gets rejected. Anger rises up, and, instead of humbly accepting the judges advice and encouragement, he pouts and tells the judges to "shove it" (or something disrespectful like that). I guess he needed to be watching shows like the character development lady presented or something.

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