Monday, March 06, 2006

Gender confusion

Boys will be boys and girls love their dolls...until, that is, their parents step in.
Suddenly, the girls are being told they can be whatever they want to be. Go to school, get an education, have a career, have a family. You can have it all. You go girl.
Meanwhile, boys are pushed towards cooking, cleaning, serving the women; being passive, gentle, and sweet.
Does this sound at all weird to anyone else? Am I simply imagining the double standard here? Sometimes I think that the feminist movement's goal is not equality for women but world domination for women.

I recently made a comment to a friend: "I think kids need to know how to cook...even my boys." To which came the reply, "Yes, especially boys."
What? Why in the world should boys need to know how to cook more than girls? Strange.

Here is how I see it; here is how I will raise my children:
My boys will know that their responsibility in a family is to provide and protect. Therefore education, physical activity and public responsibility will be greatly encouraged. Chores will be given which mirror their father: mowing the lawn, fixing things, working with their hands, solving problems, ect. They will be encouraged protect their siblings and learn the meaning of
love and respect.

My girls (if the Lord wills to give me some) will know that their responsibility in a family is to serve, nurture and care for it's other members as well as keeping the house a home. Chores will be given which mirror myself: cooking, cleaning, caring for and teaching younger siblings, etc. They will be encouraged to care for and nurture their siblings and learn the meaning of submission and respect.

"Are you crazy?" you may be saying right now. No...though the above comments may appear to be. Of course I would love for my boys to cook. I know a mother of eight boys who hasn't cooked the meals regularly for a long time. Her boys do it from start to up and all. However, my desire for my sons is that they grow up to be men-- leaders of their families.

I will also encourage my girls to pursue education, love learning and seek wisdom and knowledge; but my desire for them would be to grow up to raise a family...something for which they will need as much wisdom as they can get their hands on. My daughters will know that if they choose to "have it all" (a career and a family) something will suffer and, most likely, it will be their family.

Am I worried that my boys won't learn to respect women? That they will grow up as male chauvinists? Absolutely not, for they will be watching and learning from their father. Am I concerned for the self-assurance of my daughters? That they will grow up with no purpose in life save to cook and clean? Nope, because hopefully they will see from my life that there is so much beauty in serving: in making these four walls a home.

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Archaic? Perhaps.

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worshipaslife said...

I stumbled on your site while doing a search and really enjoyed your insights on some issues I'm researching. I'm glad that there are others out there thinking and incorporating theology into everyday life.