Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My God is not my crutch

I have often heard it said that "God is fine...for those who need a crutch." I used to roll my eyes and declare in my mind that God is never a crutch. But now I am not so sure. A definition of "crutch" could be: "Something one holds on to when disabled." According to that definition, I am afraid to say that the "God of America," the one America turns to in times of hardships, is simply that: a crutch. Clung to in times of pain and then tossed in the closet when the pain subsides. This is the God of America: the acceptable, politically correct one.
Is this the God we know? Does He truly look down during these times of "calling upon the Lord" as acceptable from the heart? You are right, we are not to judge. But one thing is sure: The Lord God sees the heart. He knows those who are calling upon His name with sincerity, and He knows those who, when the trials fade, will return their Bibles to the shelves-forgetting Him until the next disaster.
Oh the joy of embracing God with your entire being-in times of pain and in times of joy!


Marv =) said...

Here's another take on "Your God is a crutch" that I ran into a few years ago.

What do you think?

Jodi said...

Thank you for that article: Pastor Piper is someone I respect very much. I took the time to read it and ponder it and am planning on posting a follow-up perspective regarding his article.
I very much agree with him. The criticism I was addressing in this post was the people who only use God in times of "disability" in their lives (apart from the permanent disability of our souls), and promptly "put Him aside" when times are good.
Thank you again for the article.