Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Too much Thomas?

How do you know when you have had the rational limit of talking vehicles? I am not sure, but I feel we are approaching it, whatever it is. My son, Jake is rather intrigued with Thomas the Train. Actually, he is interested in anything that can be given a voice and talked with. Needless to say I get involved in numerous automobile conversations throughout each day.

Well, I suppose I considered myself outside of the sphere of imagination's influence...until the other day. There I was, working in the yard, when I spotted our old van driving. Did it stop? Turn in to say hello? No! It just drove right on by. For a moment of irrational thinking, I half expected the van to know it's old home. I was well aware the driver was unknown, but our van...how could he just drive on by! Fortunately, this took place in seconds, but I sure did feel silly afterwards!

This got me thinking...trying to remember: what is it like to be in a child's mind again? What is it like to experience the comfort of a favorite puppy, the excitement of playing out a scenario with toys, or the horror of seeing your favorite stuffed animal tossed into the washing machine? Do I remember the seriousness of play?

Do you remember?

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