Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Too much silliness...too little time

In my "quick scroll" through some regular blogs, I came upon one with several posts which were more than usually silly. Since I limit my blogging to the hour before my kids awake, I don't have time to address them all individually but let me just zip you through a couple which made me say "You have got to be kidding if you say you can't see this!"

1. "Brittish Prefer Fun Over Babies"
Of course they do! Since when did grown-up children stop realizing that their parents sacrificed their wants and desires for the sake of the kids? I guess it was when they stopped doing so. We are on the tail-end of the generation which believed you could have it all: career, family, fun, fashion...More, more, more! Well, it seems as though the children who were raised in this atmosphere are realizing that their parents didn't' "have it all," they had pieces of many different things which led to a scattered, frantic lifestyle with never enough time for anything!

Therefore, you have 1. More stay-at-home moms than ever and 2. More couples choosing to have their careers and fun lives instead of children. Is this bad? I don't really think so. Who says that a person has to attempt the impossible goal of "having it all"?

To those choosing to forgo the blessing and character-building aspect of having children, I say "go for it!" Do I think they are missing out on one of the greatest common-grace gifts of God? Absolutely. Do I think this will develop an even greater selfishness among these people? You bet! However, perhaps if the birth rate drops among this upcoming generation, people will stop giving me grief when I tell them how many children I want! (an undetermined number, but 8 has been thrown out there several times...we'll take it one by one and have as many as God will give me the grace to handle).

To those writing the article as though this will stop society in it's though this epidemic is a bad thing, I say: "Let those who work work without having to abandon children to day-cares and nannies. Let those who have children raise them without the pressures of working!"

2. "Johny Depp Wants His Kids to Have a View"
Speaking of "having it all" I guess when your famous the temptation is even greater! "I want I want I want!" These poor children who will have to play in their yard with the view of a shopping center. It seems that the city in which he lives wants to place a shopping center directly in the way of his children's view...he calls it a violation of environmental quality laws. Did I mention that he lives in Los Angeles? I don't think any more needs to be said on this one!

3. "Universal Preschool on the Ballot in California"
According to this article, Preschool would be available to everyone in the state free of charge (whew! no more day-care cost!). Supposedly kindergarten children are coming into their first year of school being expected to know their letters: a task which would require a whole year in school? A task which requires a professional child care worker to teach? Does this seem silly to anyonee else?
Not only does this seem silly to me but it scares me a little bit. As a mother who plans to home school my children, I see these political mandates and trendy moves taking children away from parents at an ever-increasing rate. For now they are "optional" but I know that is not the desires of those who are pushing these laws forward. Face it: they want our children so that they can teach them what they want to teach them: "homosexuality is okay, you can be anything you want to be, all religions are equal..." They see me (a Christian mother who wants to be involved in her children's education) as a threat to society.
Well, one thing is sure: if they take my rights (a word they like) away from me as a mother to train up my child...we are moving!

Also in today's posts: "Tips for Step Families", "Tanning parlors Advertise in High Schools", "Career Counseling for Teenagers", and "New Disney Program for the Very Young"

Finally, mixed into the middle of these posts:
"Mother's Attention Benefits Newborns for Years"
I don't know when common sense started making news, but I guess if people don't know this little fact, I hope they will listen to a study about it. Honestly, I don't even know what to say about this one.

All I can say is that I am glad to not have to make sense of all these studies together. I am blessed to be outside the hasle of trying to figure out my career, my children, when they should start school or what they are learning or being exposed to when they do go.
I am glad that I know with common sense that the best thing I can give my child is not a good view in L.A., or a trip to Disneyland when he is 2, or an early start in the public schools. The best thing I can give my child is (drum roll...this is deep) ME!

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