Monday, September 11, 2006

Have you ever wondered how people survived without exercise programs? Gyms? Workout Videos? When the daily chores and household responsibilities took up the entirity of the day, without leaving an extra hour for 'keeping fit?' Before our modern conviniences did away with laborious duties and tiresome chores?
We have so much more time now...time to schedule recreation, excercise, activities, etc. But then our time is gone. Hours no longer drift together in the work of the day, they are carefully, meticulously divided into segments...strict schedules of work and play. We bear the things we are responsible for and enjoy to the fullest-- like holding the breath of a fragrent aroma-- the recreations we choose.
Well, I have thought about it, obviously, and have attmepted to slowly "undivide" my life; especially in the area of excercize. Instead of hunting for a close parking place, we walk further; we bought a non-powered push lawnmower; and, in place of workout videos, I now dance with my two boys for the entirity of a fun cd.
I don't know if I am getting the exact amount of calorie burning or weight resistance training I should. But that has been replaced by one less "segment" of life. I am going to keep attempting to "ungroup" my life...perhaps if I am successful I can feel like one whole person, instead of twenty five different lives crammed into one body.
How would you "ungroup"?

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