Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FAQ: The Process

We have had lots of questions regarding the process of our adoption. I will outline it below:

1. Choose country and agency (Ethiopia/Dove Adoptions International out of Banks, OR))
2. Apply (check)
3. Sign a contract (check)
4. Receive Dossier packet (the papers to be sent to Ethiopia) (check)
5. Complete a home study (check)

Still to do:
6. Send home study report to the USA government for approval (6 wks-3 months)
7. Send home study approval and completed Dossier to the Agency
8. Wait wait wait for a referral (picture and information of proposed child) (4-7 months)
9. Accept or deny the proposed child
10. Wait for an Ethiopian court date for our child (1-3 months)
11. Make travel plans to pick them up! (2-4 wks)

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Adoption Mission: Possible said...

Hi! I'm a stranger to you, but just found your blog. I live in OR and noticed you used Dove for your adoption. We are interested in them as well and was wondering how your process went, if you liked the agency, and if you would use them again. If it's not too much trouble, you can email me at