Monday, May 21, 2007

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

It is a somber joy to know that there is a good chance your future child still has a mother who loves him. A mother who simply can't feed him and is forced to give him away with not only the hope that he will find a better life, but the hope that he will live. This poem is composed with those thoughts in mind; thoughts that have almost continually filled my mind over the past days.

Over the rainbow
A hungry mother cries.
Looking back...walking away...
"Will my child forgive what I've done today?"

"God give me the peace to know
that he will go
Over the rainbow."

Somewhere over the rainbow
There's a land so rich
so poor
A heritage so full of kings and feasts, of famine
and of war;
Where children with smiles that would melt the soul
Laugh and play and are often told
That their mothers, their fathers, can try
no more...
That they must go.

We are coming for you - my child -
Please don't loose your smile.
We are coming from
The Rainbow.




Jodi, your poem is beautiful. Really, really beautiful.
jen in MI

Gina said...

Hi Jodi,

Your poem is so touching, and the video is beautiful. I'd love to link your post to my blog if that's OK with you.

I've been referred a sweet little girl from Ethiopia and I've spent many hours contemplating her mother and the situation that brings my daughter to me. You've captured the essence of my thoughts.

Gina (from Canada)

Sheri said...

Tears of joy and sorrow...we are a blessed family. Waiting anxiously for our new grandchild!