Monday, July 16, 2007


...a pregnancy where your due date continues to change. The doctor tells you that you will be holding your baby by Christmas. Oh the dreaming of that special Holiday time! You begin making dreamy plans of holding your baby at large family events, opening the first Christmas gifts...(interruption of dreams) the doctor has some news:...perhaps you will be due around the first of the year. The second stage of gestation is taking a little longer these days...Perhaps late winter. Or early spring. Okay. Only a couple of months off (dreams shattered). We can do this. I might still have this baby within the year.
Well...the paper we needed to move you along into the second trimester is held up. (Do the math...calculate all the things that need to be done) about spring. Sounds like a good time to have a baby!
Dr visit: I just want to tell you: there are increasing pregnancies right now. People are having to go onto a wait list for deliveries. It could be summer until the baby is born.
Meanwhile, a little child grows. Wanting to be OUT and to be held! (INSERT SCREAM)!

Well, I am not pregnant, but my heart is pregnant as we await the "birth into out home" of our adopted son/daughter. And let me tell you: I think my heart is growing just as large as my stomach did during pregnancy. It often feels like there is not enough room to keep it in. Don't believe me? Just try it! I am terming adoption as the pregnancy that keeps getting longer.

IN OTHER NEWS: we are making some progress on this ordeal. We received our fingerprint appointment for July 21st (just a month after we filed with immigration)

Process explanation: The final piece of paper that we need before our case goes to Ethiopia is the approval from the US government to bring in an orphan. This process is taking up to three months. Some people have to wait and wait for a fingerprint appointment (you go when they tell you to go). Once we get this paper back and send off our dossier, it could be anywhere from 4-7 months until we receive our referral (a picture and information of a baby.)

SO...we will be heading up to Portland. We hope to make it fun by enjoying some Ethiopian food afterwards.

A fun story: I "met" another lady online who has adopted two children from Ethiopia...and who lives in Albany! We passed a couple of e-mails back and forth. Well, while shopping downtown for the crazy days sales, who should enter a store but a family with two adorable little black children. It was the same lady I had met online. I must admit to some envy as I held her little son (just turned a year old) and admired her beautiful daughter (2yrs).
(SOON...SOON! And only at God's perfect time!) It is amazing how much I keep telling myself this.


Emily and Moody said...

Enjoyed your post-- I have daily had to lay it down and trust in the One that is sovereign and knows when!! It is oh so hard to wait. We are waiting on CIS approval- just made another disappointing trip to the mailbox:(

The Hausams said...

Oh, I feel your heart in this post. The Lord is listening and He's with you. Waiting stinks!

Lisa J. said...

Great analogy!