Sunday, January 13, 2008

When a 4 year old's desires are conformed to mine

Our boys were given time to watch tv while my husband and I were occupied getting ready for the day. When we came back into the living room, an "unapproved" show had come on. By the time we had turned it off, they were already busy mimicking every move they saw (the show was some sort of "Power Rangerish" offshoot).
In recalling that event this morning, Jake recounted how we had turned it off and then he said "So...I NEVER want to watch that show again!".....short pause...."well...unless you let me."

Of course, the natural parallel was drawn as it so often is when simply profound words come from the mouths of children: Do my desires intertwine with my obedience to God?

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our growing family said...

Thank you for that reminder!
I struggle daily with making my desires that of Gods desires for my life.
I love the PBJ and on his face!