Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More Pictures



Coraly said...

You have the worlds most handsome little men!!! I can hardly believe how big they are getting!

JPB said...

That's a cute one! How'd you get all those boys!!! We were picking up Dietrich from wrestling and I was walking out with his coach and the girls were running all around me being all cutsey and I said, "Look, it's the wrestling dynasty that could have been!" :-)

Hey, at least I get to police prom dresses. :-0

Jodi said...

You know they let girls wrestle now; your dynasty could still exist!
I don't see the fun in policing prom dresses...but...knowing you, I see how you will find pleasure in it. :)
I'm going to go check your blog...I am ready to see more Charis pictures.