Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Three Down, One to Go! Adoption Update

Our first two weeks with three could easily be summed up in this picture: hungry baby and kids sitting on one another. So...are we still planning on adding a fourth? Absolutely! I am quite confident that I have the ability to keep the babies from being sat on, and (as pathetic as he looks when he is hungry) Oliver wont' starve if he has to wait ten minutes to eat.
Here is where we are:
This stage in international adoption is called "waiting." What we are waiting ON, is a "match" or a "referral." These are the terms given to that exciting call when the agency says "we have a child for you!"; finally giving us a face to put with the love we already have for an unknown child. Along with a picture, we will also be given medical information, an estimated age, gender, name, etc. We will have a set amount of time to either "accept" or "deny" (unlikely) the referral.

Once we accept, the child must proceed through Ethiopian courts to become "legally ours" in the sight of Ethiopia (this can take a couple months). If we have a successful court date, we wait for a USA Embassy appointment. It is here that America assures for themselves that the adoption proceeded legally and ethically; thus granting us permission to bring the child into the states. (Readoption will have to take place once we arrive for the US to recognize them as our legal child) It is for THIS appointment that we must travel and, therefore, our travel dates will be set up around whatever appointment we are given.

And there you have it! Stay tuned for news of a referral! (any day...or month...now!)

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