Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still Life: "Safekeeping"

I am constantly finding some little item (a snail's shell in this picture) in a particular candle we have. Being I have a son with a certain fondness towards small random things, I was not at a loss for how they appear there, but I finally learned why they are put there.

Jake: "Mom, where'd my playmobil flashlight go?"
Me: "I put it with the playmobil; why do you put things there in the first place?"
Jake: "Safekeeping....Max hasn't thought to look there yet."


Anonymous said...

can they get any cuter?!!!

Jan said...

Too many precious shots to choose a favorite. Oliver is getting so round: his little fingers, feet, hands, face; makes me think of Jake. And that one of Jake, Max and the Squirrel Nutkin book (closeup) Wow!
Thanks. Mom

JPB said...