Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Tribute to My Husband's Beard

To all the Delilahs who would attempt
To cut off beards with looks of contempt:
Why try to rob him of his masculine strength
Which, if left unmolested, will grow at length?

Is it your jealousy that he can grow
Something that you will never know?
Or is it part of a grander plan
to make a more "feeling" "emotional" man?

Not I! And please don't' try to convince
My husband to follow this trendy nonsense.
For I honestly like his hairy chin:
It shows the strong man he is within.

It isn't's not in style
But we've been done with "that" for awhile.
His rebellion against the modern man
Shouts on the street, "this is who I am."

Now when he shaves, all neat and trim,
I just don't think it looks like him
So let me say for all to hear:
I am in love with Josh and his beard!


J.J. said...

I read somewhere than men began shaving to, among other things, reduce breeding grounds for lice, fleas, and small rodents.

...dramatic pause...


...dramatic pause...

It probably won't be a problem for Josh.

Anonymous said...

Way cute! Okay, we'll let you love him as he is, it's the man inside I happen to love myself. Mom Y.

wmw said...

Love all the recent photos, by the way.