Friday, June 20, 2008

Where does the time go?

How can Oliver be three months old already? This boy is a true gift. I thought I should share some pictures since changes happen so quickly.

Oliver at 2 months

Ollie's favorite person. Josh has always had such a way of calming his kids down

New toy. A great Goodwill find (I never have those). I think he gets a little OVER stimulated though. He would prefer to lay and look at the ceiling. Oh well.

The preferred way of sleeping. Too bad I can't have him sleep at night like this; but, he is doing great at night...our best sleeper yet with 6-7 hour stretches.

AND...our WONDERFUL stroller given by the best friends and family. Oliver loves it already as he can find his place at "the table" (where the boys spend probably 75% of their playtime)


This is a funny thing about Ollie: since he was tiny (as though he isn't still) he has hated having his clothes off. He has learned, however, to hold his arms in for the feeling of security.

I love you little man!


Renee' said...

He is really adorable!

Renee' from diaperswappers

JPB said...

"Ollie's favorite person. Josh has always had such a way of calming his kids down."

I actually believe this is true ... but the look on Oliver's face ... is that his calm look????

What's he look like when he's absolutley terrorized?

(And no, that last comment was not directed at Josh's robust and manly Islamabadbeard.)

Jodi said...

Have you ever had a fussy (or even semi-fussy) baby? Yes, this IS one of his calm looks :) I will get a distressed look for you soon. (I am one of those mean moms who takes pictures of her kids distressed. The good thing is, my kids don't "cheese" whenever the camera comes out.

Mainely Me said...

Sweet, sweet pictures! Ollie at The Table, that's great. And the one with Simeon....just think of the fun ahead.

Janine the Bean said...

Islamabadbeard. That's awesome. Actually, knowing Oliver, that's a pretty calm look.

And you're not mean for taking pictures of your kids distressed. It's life. You've taught me a lot about photography and I cherish my Dominic throwing a fit pictures. Seriously.

Oliver, we love you!

And Jodi, just make sure when Noah gets home that you don't sit him in the back seat for table time. ;)

Edewards Family Blog said...

You better buy Noah a seat that sits in the middle of the table. Just in case some racist person walks past the window.

Jodi said...

You two go ahead and laugh all you want!
I only think this way because, I must admit, I always walk by those strollers and think "Oh...the poor kid on the bottom" (even though the bottom spot is usually the more desired).

Janine the Bean said...

I'm not laughing...really.