Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Five years ago today

What a rush and whirlwind of a year. From marriage to Hungary to parenthood...all in one year. Could we be parents? Was it more than a dream? Dream or reality, it was our dream; and holding that little baby in our arms made us the proudest parents in the country.
Could it really be five years since I urged Josh to wait a while to go to the old brick hospital? Since we loaded the taxi and were driven by a very nervous driver? Since we walked the long courtyard of the hospital grounds to the maternity ward? Could it really have been five years since I first felt "that feeling" of becoming a mother?
I suppose it has been five years for, before me today, stands a bright, loving, quirky little boy who captures my heart every day by just "being Jake." In the many ways I am blessed...he is one of the greatest!

It has been a good day...simply observing him quietly. Appreciating him deeply. Why quietly, you ask? Well...the thing is...Jake thinks his birthday is Friday (the day of his party). I know, I know...we are mean; but right now time is of the essence and he hasn't learned the calendar I figure we are safe. Words cannot convey his excitement at turning five! A whole handful!

I love you too, Jake!


JPB said...

Wow, you look so young in that shot!

... Well, so does Jake, but that's to be expected.

Happy Birthday, Jake!!!! (shhhhhhh)

Janine the Bean said...

Happy birthday sweet boy.

Great post Jodi. I hope your day is going well.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time not calling and singing Happy Birthday to him today as he is so faithful to do for me on my birthday! You became parents, we became grandparents - a joy I cannot describe. Happy Birthday, Jake, we love you much! Grandma Y.

Nick and Rosemary Cady said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

I just hope Jake doesn't read your blog too...otherwise he might figure out what you're trying to pull!

I remember when Jake was born - and I remember going to visit him in your apartment in Budapest. Csengeri utca, right?
Its hard to believe it was already 5 yrs ago. That was back when Josh was still a spring chicken!
We still have that blue tv that you gave us, btw.

Jodi said...

Josh's conscience got the better of him. We told him yesterday and he was very thrilled to be five two days ahead of schedule!

And yes, I know, we look very young. See what five years and four kids will do to you?

Mainely Me said...

Hey, now! You looked like kids yourself then. You now have the young adult look! More suited to parenthood.
And good for Jake, he gets to have an extended birthday celebration. Love that final photo of him.

Rebecca said...

Time sure flies when your having fun, doesn't it?!
In singing mode:
"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Jake. May Jesus Bless You!"
(This is the version we sing in our family (-:)

A day late, but nonetheless heartfelt.

JPB said...

Hey! It just occurred to me ... you could grow his hair out in the back, teach him to fold his thumb in on that hand sign and he would be ready to move to Sweet Home!

That's what you get for not posting for a few days. A second look from your smart-alecky brother.

Jodi said...

He was half way to the mullet. We finally got around to cutting his hair. And just because I am not super-blogger like you! I can hardly keep up! I have loved reading into your lives though.
See you soon!