Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yep its true

Reality sets in rapidly around here all the way from short, interrupted blog posts to the massive amount of time it takes to get all four boys anywhere near the door.

It became quite clear yesterday that a shower was out of the question. I undid the tangled mess of a braid and attempted to brush it out. What made me laugh was not the frizzy, wild mop that sat on my head but the thought that ran through my frazzled mind: "Hey...freaky looking models pull off this look all the time. Maybe I can too!"

Rational thinking soon overtook my brain again but I did get a kick out the of fact that, for a the midst of crying babies and wild preschoolers...the thought seriously crossed my mind.


So if you see me sporting this look, do not be concerned for my psychological state. I just had "one of those" mornings.


Ana said...

Ah life :) What a wonderfully terrifying experience that just takes your breath away!

Coraly said...

Personally I think that you could pull that hair off nicely!!! I look that all the time... you know me I am all about the latest trend!!! Hope you are enjoying every minute of those 4 darling boys!

Paul & Beth said...

Who cares what your hair looks like...just don't forget to dress!

Much love...Beth

KE said...

Oh, oh, oh, I know what you mean!!!! It takes me a good hour to get everyone out the door (5, 3, 2, and 9 mos!), not counting eating. :) Just packing snacks and diapers and getting everyone dressed. It's something. But what a blast. :)


Warren & Sheri said...

I love it! You are too good at explaining your frustration along with giving us the emotion of all the joy you are feeling. you can believe I'll be checking out your hair for indication of your well-being! Mom Y.

sawheeler said...

Your doing great - I only have Noah and I still don't always get a shower - I sport that look alot lately; just shorter hair :)

WMW said...

I have not had a chance to read your posts since you came back yet, but I will delay no longer in saying WELCOME HOME AND CONGRATULATIONS! So glad you had an amazing trip and your beautiful family is doing well. Perhaps we can connect one of these days.