Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Anniversary...Don't Step in the Cowpie.

Saturday was our sixth wedding anniversary. Six years ago we stood in a field surrounded by family and friends juggling congratulatory hellos and cake cutting. Saturday we stood in a field transformed into a carnival/fair juggling four boys with attentions split four ways.

Their first...and last ride (this year.) Jake enjoyed the ride very much and would have ridden many more. We, on the other hand, did not want to spend all of our money on overpriced rides. Calculating it out, this ride would cost 90-120 dollars per hour! (for ONE person)

Of course, when you can't ride, you can always watch.

A game which got them spider man inflatable hammers. Perfect for bopping one another on the head. (Yes, with boys, there is a time for bopping one another on the head.)

Believe it or not, Max had no idea this horse was there until he looked up and almost flew off the hay step.

We took advantage of the free events of the fair. This one was a hit: a fire safety course. It inevitably got turned into a game by Jake...the hose was some sort of person who needed to be pulled up from the sharks. His imagination usually surpasses the original intent of whatever he is playing with and Max usually follows right along.

The boys...happy at the moment. However, much of our time was spent pushing around an empty stroller while they rode happily in our arms.

Max liked the livestock...until a sheep "baaa'ed" at him. He jumped and gave the sheep the nastiest glare you could imagine. He wasn't even impressed when I suggested that the sheep could say his name.

Jake, in true five year old fashion, is saying "goodbye" to old fears and trying new things every day.

Stroller straps make wonderful handles.

Jake's favorite: the snake exhibit.

Max's favorite: baby "picks." He was very amused by them following him to whatever side of the cage he was on. I was proud of him for obeying the sign; however, putting his hand a mm from the cage so they could touch him...does that count?

The joint favorite of the boys: shaking hands with a soldier. Of course, I was too busy coaxing them to do this to take a picture. There is something between a five year old and a soldier which cannot be described as anything but fearful awe. As though a toy or a masculine fairy tale has come to life and is towering over you.

Goodbye Fair. Hello Bedtime!

Thank you, babe, for being who you are: a wonderful, hardworking, kind man whose love for his children (and especially for me) is shown to us every day. I love you and can not imagine this life with anyone else. I had a wonderful day and look forward to the rest of my life with you. Thank you, also for the bottle of my favorite wine. Even I did not remember what that was.


Ana said...

So we haven't gotten to know each other all that well yet, but I absolutely love reading your blog and I feel like I know so much about you already! You write in such an intimate way that it brings me right to the fair with you. I am excited for our fair this year so Isaac can see the animals and start that sensory journey into the little boy he's growing into every day.
Happy Anniversary! And thanks for sharing :)

ps-Isaac is only 15 months old, but he already loves bopping people with various items! I think a blowup hammer is the safest way to let little boys be little boys :D

Joshua said...


I love you too. I had a wonderful time with you as well, though my arms are still tired from carrying the boys. I wonder how many there will be when we celebrate our 10th anniversary!

I love you,


Mainely Me said...

Looks like a fun day. I liked your thought about the soldier and the five year old. and I would have liked to see Max's reaction to the horse and the sheep:)Thanks for sharing your day.

Warren & Sheri said...

I thought the whole idea of a family "anniversary" speaks so much of what you two value the most. I love observing your love for each other and your boys. Your family is a place for a mother's heart to rest - and it feels good... I love you all!

Joshua said...

After reading the title again I remembered that we had to watch for cowpies not only at the fair but also on our wedding day, though then they were dried out.


KE said...

HEY! 7/28 was OUR 6th anniversary. We're living (almost) twin lives here. :) Happy anniversary, and may you live to celebrate 120 of them.


Nick and Rosemary Cady said...

Happy Anniversary Josh and Jodi!
I remember back before you were married standing out on my balcony in Debrecen with Josh and Eric, and Josh talking about you and how much he was looking forward to marrying you.
God bless you guys!
BTW - your favorite wine doesn't happen to be from Eger, does it?

The Six of Us said...

Happy Anniversary to YOU Kerith! Yes...four kids in six years. Aren't we both so richly blessed! Many more you the both of you!

Nick...Aww. I'm glad he wanted to marry me.
My favorite wine is from Oregon actually. Does Eger have good wine?

Nick and Rosemary Cady said...

Eger is to Hungary what the Napa Valley is to California, or what Bordeaux is to France. It is THE wine region in Hungary.
I'm actually surprised you haven't heard of it! Eger Bull's Blood doesn't ring any bells?
We'll have to bring you some when we come to visit you in Oregon...