Monday, August 11, 2008

Movie Monday II

Because it's still Monday, and this is amazing!

From the opening ceremonies, Beijing.

Afterthought - I was reminded of this quote:

"...this time he didn't laugh. Not even to himself."

-The Saggy Baggy Elephant


J.J. said...


JPB said...

That's amazing. Here, check this out, too:

Mainely Me said...

Who are these guys? Do you know anything about them? That is incredible.

Janine the Bean said...

That is such an incredible show of strength. Amazing. And the music is so exalting. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I watched it 3 times. The strength, balance, endurance that takes. I can't even fathom it.

The part when the Hercules I was on the floor with his feet up and Hercules II stood on his feet, then Hercules I lowered him down to where they were both almost in the splits....I said to JJ, ''If he goes back up, I"m going to scream." That is some SERIOUS adductor strength.

Dom's comments: "Those guys don't talk." "I don't wike that music." "I want to watch the video of when we went to that park with Jakey and Max."

The Six of Us said...

Those are the same feeling I had...the strength it takes.

We are so accustomed to seeing visually altered things such as this on movies that it is hard to even fathom it as real. The first thing Josh told me about was the split move. Amazing. A great way to show what the human body can do physically at such an event as the Olympics.

These are two brothers. We found them on Youtube. I don't remember their names.

The Six of Us said...

Jon, the extreme Gymnastics video was also amazing. This is one unbelievable sport.

Warren & Sheri said...

Two brothers, Uh? Come on Jakey and Max - start training!!! (and then think what you could do with 4 brothers!) Amazing.

Mainely Me said...

You know, this really is a thing of beauty, a human art form. It is incredible what potential God has given the human race in the physical realm; can we imagine what is capable spiritually?

Edewards Family Blog said...

Jackson, "Ewe, guys in their underwear!"