Friday, September 19, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday

Hope...a word always looking towards the future; but is it a word of trust and assurance or one of wishful thinking? Looking at Webster's, it is sad to see that the "trust" definition is now labeled "archaic." And yet...without could there ever be assurance in the unknown?

This blog links many Favorite Photo Fridays and usually chooses a theme to follow. I immediately thought of the following photo for the theme of "Hope"

The other photos...well...there is no shortage of uncertainty or wishful thinking in the life of a child.
The Favorite:
that these white hands will raise him right

The runners up:

"I hope she is almost done!"

"I hope the swimming thing doesn't get come this way!"

"I hope the chickens won't fly out at me again!"

"I hope the squirrel comes down soon!"

"I hope Jake doesn't have more than me"

What's your favorite?


Mainely Me said...

Can't choose a favorite. However, having been ambushed by an angry hen or two as a child at Grandma Mohler's, I know the feeling Jake is experiencing!As much as I like chicken's I'll always have a healthy respect for them. And roosters....yikes!

Debbie said...

What cute pictures of hope!!!


Hannah said...

I love your posts...They are always my favorite!


ClarkFamily said...

Great post ... and though all of these are great my favorite is the 'alligator swimming' photo ... it is too cute! And I too HOPE that swimming thing doesn't come my way! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Rebekah, Jaden & Baby#2

Coraly said...

my fav... I hope the chickens don't come flying at me!!!

Sheri said...

I hope Jake doesn't have more than me is too cute a caption because it is probably exactly what he is thinking! I love the pictures, as always.

Janine the Bean said...

I was glad you added the explanation to the first one. I was trying to think what you might have meant by it and came up with something fairly close. But I thought of lots of things it COULD have meant that weren't as good.

I also like the one of Max by the tree.

The Six of Us said...

Yes, that was exactly what Max and Jake were worrying about...who had more.

Janine...exactly why I added more explanation.

And the handprint was a simple after bath lotion print that I do to all my boys. It just looked cooler on Noah.

Andrew and Rebecca said...

This is too difficult! They are all so cute...but if I were in the kids' shoes, I'd worry about that swimming creature, too! (What was it anyway?? A beaver? A duck?)
I love your blog. You have a great way with words and pictures!
(And, it was wonderful meeting you in person this past weekend!)

Sarah said...

What a great post... missed this last week... glad you posted it again!

Marianne said...

Adorable and very sweet! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend.