Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A quote for all the mothers of Princesses

"There was once a little princess who--"

"But, Mr. Author, why do you always write about princesses?"

"Because every little girl is a princess."

"You will make them vain in you tell them that."

"Not if they understand what I mean."

"Then what do you mean?"

"What do you mean by a princess?"

"The daughter of a king."

"Very well, then every little girl is a princess, and there would be no need to say anything about it, except that she is always in danger of forgetting her rank, and behaving as if she had grown out of the mud. I have seen little princesses behave like the children of thieves and lying beggars, and taht is why they need to be told they are princesses. And that is why, when I tell a story of this kind, I like to tell it about a princess. Then I can say better what I mean, because I can then give her every beautiful thing I want her to have."

"Please go on."

-George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin

Indeed...a good reminder to us all!


Andrew and Rebecca said...

Oh, I LOVE this!!!! What a wonderful reminder! Do you mind if I print it for my princes(ses)?

Coraly said...

I love that... on my princess' wall it reads
Princess Layne and Princess Maisen daughters of a Heavenly King!
I want them to be so reminded of their noble status in the eyes God... I want it to be ingrained in every fiber of their being that they serve a Great King how adores their praise and adoration!!!
So, yes while to some I am sure calling them the princess seems vain, the truth of the matter is they do have a royal status inthe eyes of God, they are his beloved children, same as you and I and they are called to worship Him is Spirit and in truth same as us.... I could go on and on but thank you for posting on Royalty!!!

The Six of Us said...

Please! Use it and spread it!

I always am sort of "turned off" by the use of "princess" these days as it seems to go hand in hand with spoiled, lawless children rather than fulfilling what true princesses must act like. A beautiful description indeed and a reminder that we all must act the part of royalty as sons and daughters of the King.

Cor...I bet your girls would like this book. My boys are on the edge of their seats every day.