Monday, November 03, 2008

Movie Monday and a Salute to Dinosaurs

Grandma Sheri is always good for some fun. The other day she brought over this wonderfully arranged musical masterpiece: Wee Sing Dinosaur Songs. Yes. She really did, and yes, we are still on speaking terms.

No, seriously, this has become a source of joy for the boys as they have memorized most of the songs already and picked up on little facts that they had somehow failed to learn during their quest for Dinosaur knowledge.

Before this cd came to our household, I had thought that perhaps the dino. fascination was fading; but oh is up and kicking once again!

Also, it was once a chore to get Jake to sing out loud. Well, I don't know if loud would describe his singing along, but it is a start. From there perhaps we can get him to sing the Doxology.

So today Jake decided that he wanted to be Sir Richard Owen (the man who coined the term "Dinosaur"-a fact learned on the cd). That was, until, he saw a picture of Sir Richard Owen. He changed his mind. Yes, it led to the natural "you can't judge people by their looks" discussion and he agreed that he could have been a nice man...but still...he would choose someone else next year. "Maybe there were other Paleontologists I could be."

Max also enjoys the cd and in the moments that it is NOT playing, asks for it to be turned on. The following is a ritual followed each time the song "Dinosaur Parade" comes into hearing. The attentiveness to the song can be seen as Max realizes he has the wrong dino as the leader. If only they would listen that closely to me!

So here's to Dinosaurs! Thank you, Grandma!

***Warning...the video is longer than it needs to be but who could cut out any of this amazing song?!****


Janine the Bean said...

It's amazing that we can keep our sanity sometimes.

When you get tired of the Dino Songs, I'll swap it with you for my Veggie Tales "Sunday Morning Songs" and you can hear good old favorites like "Father Abraham" and the one about Noah that goes on and on and involved the term "gopher barky barky."

My kids don't listen to it often, but when they do, they can sing every song word for word.

I guarantee you Dino Songs is better. ;)

Wait...did YOU give us Veggie Tales?

Kellie said...

These boys never cease to bring me joy... even from thousands of miles away :)

thanks for sharing, I was laughing out loud!

Coraly said...

Maisen " Mama, I want to play with that boy! He has lots of toys!"

Sheri said...

Those boys can make me laugh!
I am so glad THEY are enjoying the CD even if the parents aren't so much! Sorry I just couldn't resist when I saw it was about dinosaurs and it was something that they could use their imagination with....critera you yourselves came up with....!!!!