Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted. Now what?

Yes, I voted. Now what? SO what?

When all is said and done, and we stand in judgment, will we really be asked who we voted for and what he did with the money we were forced to give him? Or will we be asked what we did for the least of these with our powers and resources?

What did we do to save the unborn?

What did we do about the poverty crisis in the world?

What did we do to help the family struggling right next door?

Christian service is not about a vote and the Christian influence does not depend on the State of the Union Address.

Christianity depends not on us as citizens of the USA and Sons of the Republic but on us, by the grace of God, as citizens of heaven and sons of God.

What now?

You voted. hooray for you. now get out there and change the world.

Good intentions are the pavement to failure. Therefore, for every comment I receive on this post I will donate:
1.00 to the crisis pregnancy center
1.00 to our friend Sasalwi in Ethiopia who makes about 50.00 per month
and one hour of community service.

And oh for the grace of God to remind me never to be satisfied with the works of my hands. We can never do enough but by the grace of God....we can do more.

One more thing: please keep out the "good job" comments. :)


Crazy mom said...

I'll comment :)

Amen to your post! More and more I am challenged to do more to make a difference in our world for God's glory.


Czarnecki Family said...

Amen! We must remember that it is the job of the church to help the poor, the widows, the orphans. No matter what our politicians promise, no matter how hopeful we are in the future of America, we are still responsible for being the hands and feet of Christ.

Janine the Bean said...

Wow. I have something more to post later along these lines. I have to find it.

The Six of Us said...

My original post included a thank you to the Arthurs, my husband, brother Jon and our trip to Ethiopia...a reflection of how this election has changed my view of America and our place as Christians in it. Of how much my ideas have changed...in my young and inexperienced mind.

There have been many good discussions, reflections, articles read, and thoughts thought in the "quiet" of my mind.

Thank you all who are always helping to shape my thoughts.

Sheri said...

My comment: May it help change your world.

(Where you are going to get hours for community service, my dear?)

Anonymous said...

Great post!
Voting is important yes, but (IMHO) as Christians, our actions on every other day are collectively more important than any ballot.

Nick and Rosemary said...

We absolutely agree with you.
Righteous laws don't make righteous people, as we know from Israel's history.
Living in Hungary - we are in a much more liberal society than America will probably ever be. Despite that, God is still at work changing lives, despite the socialist government, through individuals who are willing to be His hands and feet.

Renee' said...

AMEN!! So simple and such truth.

Janine the Bean said...

Okay... Here's the quote.

"Our mission should we choose to accept it is to display a new system of operation called the Kingdom of God. The two are opposed and will not be displayed as one. The kingdoms of this world will not be “fixed”. If only we spent as much time, energy and resourses trying to display the kingdom of God as we do to promote the kingdoms of this world we would see real change. The kingdom of God is a display of unconditional love which will cost us everything."

I need to give credit to who said it, but I copied and pasted it onto my computer without the name. Will find it....

Let's get together soon!

Paul & Beth said...

Here's another AMEN to your post and those that commented. We as Christians ought to see that our hope is NOT in our country, whether we stay free or become more socialistic. It is the impact we have on our world, our neighbors, our families, for Christ that makes the difference in eternity. And the "world" is always watching us...even now!

Jonesy said...

Just wanted to say 'AMEN' to your post. Some of those very thoughts have been weighing on my mind. You have helped inspire me in raising my two boys and teaching them that we must also ACT! I am thankful that my two tenderhearted boys are always ready to do MORE to help those around them...I am blessed!

May the Lord poor His blessings out on your family!!!

Anonymous said...

I know you are talking to me! Great post Jodi. You are a great example.

The Coburn Family said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Coraly's and I'm pretty sure that my brother went to school with your hubby (?). We're adopting 2 boys from Ethiopia right now, so we will have 4 boys as well!

Jen said...

Ok. You got me. Although I feel horrible for "making" you do community service!

Amanda said...

You are awesome and I love your blog. you have beautiful children and a beautiful mind :)

-amanda from DS

Melissa said...

Wonderfully said! ~Melissa

Ana said...

Very good points Jodi. When the rubber meets the road, God has everything under control, and all we have to do is trust Him. Actions, as Christians, speak just as loudly as words :)

WMW said...

Obama is the president-elect, but Christ is the Head of the Church, and always on the throne. And America is great, but it's not Home.

Thanks for the reminder!


Hauswife said...


Rebecca and Andrew said...

What a wonderful example to all of us and to your sweet boys. I agree with the above post about where you'll find time to do community service...but I know this can be anything from picking up trash at the park to fellowshipping with a church member who needs a home cooked meal. The small things we can do can sometimes mean the most to someone else. Thanks for the inspiration!!! =)

Janine the Bean said...

Good point on the community service Rebecca. :)

I think I'm going to try to join Jodi.

Jaci said...

I am one of your lurkers. I love your blog and I appreciate your honesty... even when I may not agree with you. I totally agree with this post and I hope that more people are encouraged to make a difference. I think people are discouraged when they don't see the physical benefits by the small contributions that they make. But God sees and those contributions DO make a difference!!

My name is Jaci, by the way. I have 4 kids. If you ever want to check out my blog, you are welcome to. It is www.web.mac.com/jacim77 (I think that should get you there.)

P.S. I loved the video of poor John McCain crying and then Obama giving him a little hug. You must walk around with a camera around your neck at all times.

The Brothers said...

Hey, there! I found you through "we may not have it all"'s blog. I saw "the 6 of us" and followed the comment link...
We also have 4 little boys (1 adopted and 1 foster who we're begining the process with). We're also Christians. We also live in the Willamette Valley. Small world!
Nice to meet you!
Looks like you have a lot of community service hours building up here!

Kellie said...

good post Jodi! Inspire us to action!

JPB said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Jodi. I'm catching up on blog reading :-(

Tristen said...

Just saw your blog, thanks for voting!! Now you are renewing my desire to want to adopt a sweet little guy/girl from Ethiopia... my kids are little like yours and I'm sure we could have a few more running around! Thanks for the sweet blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker and was reading older posts - sorry I'm so late! Thanks for doing.


Jeremy and Ang said...

I'm a new lurker to yours, jon's and janine's blogs. It's Ang Hashberger..now littrell. I will never hyphenate my name...was so glad to not be a hash anymore. Hehe.

As for your thoughts. I know that God is sovereign...I also know that I am on the other side of the coin from most conservatives. I'll leave it at that.

I appreciate your thoughts as they mirror my own. I am tired of Christians arguing about abortion and gay marriage. Let's be preachers through our living...and servants with our time. Let's be Jesus to those who may not see Jesus any other way. And rather than talkng the talk...lets all begin really walking the walk.