Thursday, November 06, 2008

Africa's Greatest Need?

Our family is redefining Christmas this year (see above video). The following conversation was on that topic:

"So who should we give our extra Christmas money to?"
(Jake) "Probably Africa"
" what do you think that people need in Africa?"
(Jake) "Well...they really need silverware."

Cultural awareness lesson to follow. :)


Sheri said...

oh Jake, I could just squeeze you! Love you kido! Grandma

Mainely Me said...

Maybe Jake and Lucy can get together on the silverware; she too thinks eating with your fingers is icky.

Janine the Bean said...

Silverware. I love it.

Crazy mom said...

That's a hoot!

The food looks great in the picture, too!


Hauswife said...

Oh my goodness, that is hysterical! What a cutie pie!

Jen said...

They could have ours, Nora and Anna despise the stuff! Last night, I tried a rhyme to get Nora to use her "fork for the pork". Alas, it didn't work.