Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Something You Can Do


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Congo...to most it has been forgotten. After a decade since the conflicts, I am afraid it has been abandoned by the thoughts and prayers of the Western world. There are other wars to fight and other people to help.

If you do not watch this whole video, at least watch the first little part...and the last. There is hope. And there is something we can do.

In thinking about giving to "distant needs" my priority is to find a connection. This world is falling apart everywhere we look and too often it becomes easy to say "what can I do...there is too much." So find a connection.

One family whom we have gotten to know this year has given up what would be the ultimate dream of so many in other countries...to live in the Western World. They have been living in Africa as he translates the Bible into the languages of the Congolese people. They are here on furlough (if you want to call it that...with all the driving and speaking I don't know how much rest they get) raising funds so they may return in January.

Consider yourself connected.

(If you want information on how you could help this family, just ask)

I know this video was made in January....almost a year ago, but if you think it has gotten better, Think Again.

Please don't feel the need to comment. Sometimes there is nothing to say.


Janine the Bean said...

Words fail me.

kimom said...

Jodi, you are a bold and courageous advocate, thank you for your post.

I find hope as well, however difficult to see at times, in verses like: 'Vengeance is mine' says the Lord. 'I will repay.' The rest of the world may not know of these things, but God knows every last detail. I think he gives women like these a supernatural strength to carry on life with their children.

I think of women like these (not often enough I'm sure!) when I am complaining or whining about my situation. Oh, we have SO much reason to give thanks this week and every week!

Sheri said...

What to say....

Thanks for bringing them into our awareness this holiday season.

I love your heart.