Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Need Africa.

The fact that this is plastered over adoption blogs attests to the truth in the feelings of the message of this video. It says what so many have found when the travel outside of their realities.

I had this thought when the battles over Ethiopian coffee prices were in the news: what if lots of people just gave up one coffee a month...or two...and gave back. Well, they had the idea too and now many people can join in the efforts to make a difference while remembering that, while we may have life giving resources to help those in Africa, the people of Africa have the resources to give us a better life.


Sheri said...

We had a guest speaker on Sunday at church and he spoke on this very thing. "joy that comes in spite of circumstances". We have alot to learn, don't we?
Our speaker also made this statement,
"so many of our problems come from our abundance rather than our lack."
Oh, to have real joy...!!!!

Baby steps to where we want to be said...

I NEED AFRICA MORE THAN AFRICA NEEDS ME!!!! oh this resounds in my heart... forever my heart will be changed by the African people who God brought along my life journey on Earth. thanks for sharing

Mainely Me said...

So very true. Thanks for sharing.