Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas eve and awake in the house-y
The parents were sewing, although they were drowsy.

Playmats and pjs were formed with threads
As visions of playmobil danced in the children's heads.That's as good as you get from this mind after not going to bed until 2:30.

Josh decided that he wanted to make the traditional Christmas Eve Jammies this year. Some laughed and questioned his sewing capabilities, but there was no doubt in my mind that he would exceed expectations. Afterall, I am the one usually asking for advice on how to put something together. As it turns out, cabinentry is similar in many ways to sewing.

Pictures of the finished prodects in action will soon be added and will include 4 sets of jammies, 2 playmats and 2 beanbag chairs.

The above pictures are of a craft night with the Arthurs. Doesn't that fire look nice?


Mainely Me said...

This is just awesome! Way to go, guys.

Mainely Me said...

"They look like Santa's little elves in there." George

Sheri said...

What great memories! And now that I have seen the finished projects that both of you did I am even more impressed!!!!

Rebecca and Andrew said...

That is so cool!! A man and a sewing machine is incredibly attractive! =) Andrew made candles this year and I thought he was at his sexiest when he was in the kitchen, standing over a hot pot of wax and wearing an apron!!!

anne said...

What!! Sewing and candle-making! Where can I get one? Ok. I have one (but not like that!) but WOW. That's great and the pj's look great!