Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How I Watched the Inaguration

So yes. They watched. Sort of.

I think I had a better time watching them. It was quite humorous to see Jake bouncing around and getting excited when I pointed out the past presidents and asking "is he president yet?" over and over. He was determined to help the babies see and figured out just the right way to help them. Max was just upset that his show got interrupted.

In four years they will watch again.


Janine the Bean said...

Oh, I love Jake. At one point in the day yesterday I was reading the newspaper and he saw the photo on the front page. His comment to Aidan was something like this: (in his hurried and excited Jakey voice)

"Aidan, do you know he's our president now? He's the president now. George Bush is NOT the president. Obama IS the president. Obama...YES! Aidan, Obama's the president. YES! He IS the guy. And he's a big, tall one too."

Mainely Me said...

I love how Jake thinks the little ones look cute in their new positions!

The Singlers said...

I could totally hear Jake say that to Aidan in my head. How wonderful that everyone watched.

steffany said...

so cute- I love how they're propping their car seats up:)

Sheri said...

Now that's the way they should watch, I'll admit it was a good idea..... Love that Jake Boy!