Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Longing to see God

There is an ongoing discussion around our house regarding the ability to see (and draw) God. Maxwell is having a hard time with the fact that he cannot see God and has therefore set off to draw him; much to the dismay of Jake who constantly quenches Max's hopes by informing him that one canNOT see God and therefore canNOT draw him (unless you use white paper and a white crayon).

I tried (at Jon's suggestion) to explain what Jesus may have looked like and that Jesus had a body that could be seen, but that was quite unsuccessful and only led to a discussion on how palaeontologists try to figure out what the dinosaurs look like by their bones.

"Do they know where Jesus' bones are mommy?" (Max)
"No no no, Jesus didn't stay dead!" (Jake)
"You're right Jake. Jesus' body went to heaven."
"See...you have to die to see God. Do you want to DIE, Max?" (Jake)

Well, The other day Max snuck a blue crayon past Jake and set at work to secretly attempt. Once finished, he proudly exclaimed, "Look! I drew God!" (pause with a sideways look at his finished masterpiece) "But I drew him kind of funny"

It made me consider the strange ways I myself attempt to understand God. The desire to figure Him out is, I think, just a part of us. We think we have it all drawn up nicely, then we look over someone's shoulder at their drawing and exclaim "boy, don't they have it funny?! Can you believe they drew God like that?"

His drawing will stay on the fridge for awhile. It will remind me of the grace God gives His children in their attempts to know Him. He desires our desire to know Him more than our perfection in figuring Him out.


Mainely Me said...

What a wonderful Spirit given application to sweet Max's desire to "see" God.
And Jake, your generation will also need theologians to keep the facts straight.
When that picture comes down from the fridge, please don't throw it away! I fact, you should laminate before it goes on the fridge. I would frame it and hang it on my wall.

Nick and Rosemary said...

"Do you want to die Max?"
That's classic!

JPB said...

Go Max! Whoo hoo! You're uncle's with you.

Sheri said...

I laughed so hard I cried! How I miss them already. We're sitting in Dennis and Virgina's travel trailer. They're bearing with me as i brag of my grandsons while I do the same with them!!!! Grandparenting - it's heavenly!