Friday, February 13, 2009

A Tribute to Hans Beck

Who? You ask. You may not know the name, but chances are, your kids are grateful for his invention. Iam thankful each time I see my kids parading and posing these little people of his imagination.

Last week, the creator of Playmobil passed away. His name was Hans Beck and he was 79.

Upon hearing the news, Jake paused and then timidly asked "Will someone else make them now?" Yes, Jake. They will. Rest assured.

And rest in peace, Mr. Beck.


Mainely Me said...

Ahhh. Another creative mind gone. Jake....?

Sheri said...

I so miss these boys! Great pictures, Jodi.

JPB said...

It's funny ... I never could get into Playmobile. I know they're cool and a lot of kids like them, but I was something of a LEGO snob as a kid so we've never gotten them.

Still, here's to the passing of Hans.

Crazy mom said...

Sorry to hear about Hans passing away! We LOVE Playmobil - LOVE it - from the 2 yo up to the 15 yo - all the kids play it!