Sunday, March 15, 2009

God is...

Max, "Mine is going to be a superhero."

Jake, "No! I want this to be a real game."

"But superheros are real."

Thus following the ever so normal "Yes!" "NO!" "Yes!" "NO!" "Yes!" "NO!"

Max, "But GOD is a superhero...and HE'S real!"

I guess there could be worse things for a boy of three to think of God.


The Singlers said...

How wonderful.

Oh we miss you guys! The boys are so big and have changed so much.

JPB said...

Saw a little boy out walking with his father today who reminded me of Jake.

First of all, he was very articulate and talkative when I greeted him.

Secondly, his method of playing in the springtime melt (with which he was obviously delighted) was to run up to a puddle as fast as he could and then with intense calculation find the best way through or around it without soaking his sneakers before running up to the next sidewalk puddle.


Janine the Bean said...

Yes, there are worse things.

We can swap 3 year-olds and you can have one who sings tunes like:

"Jesus loves meat, this I know..."


"He's got the whole toilet in his hands..."

Oh sheesh.

Sheri said...

I rather like it. My God is a superhero! Good point, Max. And the game is real.