Monday, April 06, 2009

Inside, Outside, Upside down

Inside cosntruction is moving right along, complete with working toilette! No more midnight trips to the porta-potty for us!

I have to say, it is turning out even more beautiful than I had imagined. Which, actually, was not very much. I still hadn't picked out any paint colors up until our great remodeler said "Well, I guess you have to paint before I put the toilette in." Talk about motivation! A lovely shade of gray was chosen with the help of Mother Sheri and I painted faster than I have ever painted before. Of course it helps that it is the size of a medium closet. Not that I am complaining...whenever we drive by a nice large home (or even a moderately large home) I find myself thinking "wow...think of what it would cost to remodle that!" I'll keep my nice little house, thank you!

Outside could not have been any better. Beautiful spring days and plenty of yard work to do. Josh's weekend got extended due to lack of work so we made the most of it by doing some good ol' spring cleaning. Of course, we did takethe opportunity to head to the park several times over the weekend including a good long four hour stretch after church.

The babies are slowly adjusting to the fact that we are not going to stay inside upon their whim. Noah has taken to eating whatever he can get his hands on (including sand and dirt by the handfulls) and Ollie, after twiddling around awhile usually wants to be in either the playpen or, more often, the carrier.

Jake and Max are rediscovering nature with timid handlings of worms and increasing speeds on their bikes. They were help enough when we offered them a penny for every dandelion they pulled out of the grass. I was quite shocked when they made it to 200 and were able to get a much prized push-up-pop from the store.

Upside down: Still the state of mind around here. Boy, I'm ready for a good long shower in my own home...but thank you to those who have let us use theirs.

But you really know things are upside down when your husband is so thrilled to have a toilette that he decides to brush his teeth in it. Yes...he actually did. I was almost sick to my stomach, but not enough to pass up the opportunity to photograph the craziness. I only hope someone hadn't returned it to the store used.


Janine the Bean said...

Oh gross.

I heard about it, but now seeing him brushing his teeth with toilet water....even though I know it's probably clean...maybe.


Only Josh.

I love the tile! Not at all what I was expecting when you described it. I need to come see it all in person now.

You have some great photos of the boys. That first one of Noah and Ollie together in the second slideshow is really great.

Kellie said...

my brother is so weird...

I agree with Janine... only Josh!

Sheri said...

I KNEW Josh would do that!

Thanks for taking the time and really blogging! I so miss it when nothing new comes up when I check!

Love the pictures (except for one - you really didn't think I would like that one, did you?!) The cutest family ever!

kimom said...

Hi from Congo!
Can I put this link on my blog? I love keeping up with you guys this way! Happy bathrooming! I hope to have one to remodel in a couple weeks! =)