Friday, July 31, 2009

Down by the river

We made our way to River Rhythms the other day. Joy had told us that it was someone quite popular in the country circle. Apparently so, for the crowds were a mess! Imagine trying to keep eight kids sitting on a blanket in the middle of a packed crowd. Needless to say, we soon migrated away from the rhythm and down to the river. Who needs to hear some famous country singer anyways?

Don't we look amused?

Max and Jackson "pushing the limits" of how far to wade in :)

Jordyn was way too cute in her country outfit!

Little boys with water don't see the need to keep cute outfits clean.

Playing as the sun went down

Noah and the sand...moments before he buried his face.


Mainely Me said...

Good pictures!

Sheri said...

I'm officially lonesome! great pictures!

Coraly said...

totally miss river rhythms...

JPB said...

Is that where I was baptized?