Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grace Be With You

There are some goodbyes that are too hard for words. Last night proved to be one of those. But if I could have told you what I wanted you to know, I would have said that despite how my flesh feels about you leaving, and the hole that will be in our lives without you here, your decision to Go and your desire to follow God's calling despite the hardness, is something that will fill that hole with an example. And not only us, but the boys will be able to see and understand what it means to sacrifice in the midst of love and follow the Lord. We love you as an example of a Godly marriage, we love you as parents, and we love you as grandparents to our sons.

I still cannot find the words to say, but this song was going through my mind all night. I sing it to the boys a lot. The Lord asks us to do much...but there is never a shortage to grace to do what
He asks. Like a shepherd He leads us, but although it appears that He leads in different directions, we are all part of his flock and all walking together in His will; no matter how far apart we seem.

We love you both. Grace be with us all.


Mainely Me said...

My heart aches at the pain of separation all of you are feeling. Indeed, Grace be with you all, and to God be the glory.

Anonymous said...

Once again I find myself in tears as I read your blog. Know that your precious family is in my prayers as Warren and Sheri leave.
God is sufficient, and His glory will be made known through this sacrifice by both of you.
Love you much.

Jess said...

I can't imagine how hard that would be . . . and how sad my kids would be! Praying for you and your in-laws as they begin their new adventure.

Sheri said...


I can't believe that I didn't see this post until today. How beautiful. Thank you so much for the loving words. How I long to put my arms around you, daughter! the support you kids have shown us is invaluable. I don't know that we would be here without it. we know that we are covered with your prayers and you can know that you are covered with ours. we love you much!