Thursday, August 20, 2009

A post before a post

I often peek in at my boys as they are sleeping and can just see them recharging for the next day. And now, my four little walking batteries are buzzing around me with their various interests as I attempt to sit down and write an overdue post. School starts in a couple of weeks so we are in "pre-training" mode...trying to see if the littles can "keep themselves entertained" between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30.
But before I start in on our camping excursion, I had something quite encouraging happen to me in the supermarket yesterday. A lady stopped me inquiring if I had two sets of twins (it happens more than reason would lead you to believe). She went on to explain that she has twins and used to belong to a mothers of multiples group. She asked me to think hard about how many twins between the ages of 1 and 2 I see out and about. "It's just the hardest time to have two the same age" she said. "It is much easier to simply stay home!" Wow! What confirmation to the feelings I have been having lately.
It was a moment of calm in isle 7. Noah was playing with a bag of brown sugar in the front, Ollie was crushing a bag of chips in the back (who cares...they are for taco salad, he was entertained!) and Jake and Max were intensly focused on "a game" in which the cart was a boat and they couldn't let go or they would be eaten by piranas. (I like this game and you better believe that I reminded them of those carnivorous fish when they began to wander!)
We knew it would be hard. We even had the common sense to "have no idea how hard" it was going to be. But in the last few months, that difficulty has seemed to multiply in mobility and attitudes. Chase one, the other goes in the opposite direction. Tell one "no" and the other one tries. And on it goes.
What a great time it was to talk with someone else who had been through this stage! She even identified with the perplexity of looking at others with three or four kids and thinking "This shouldn't be that different!" I see now why there are support groups for families with multiples. Thank you, isle 7 friend! I will think of your encouraging words often.


Kat said...

I loved your pictures. We'll be there with multiples next year. This year we're trying to get a grip on home schooling with one toddler (so far so good!)and five total children. I may refer back to your post when I feel like pulling my hair out :). Kids are a MAJOR blessing, but having eight hands and eyes would help :).

Mainely Me said...

Well said; I'm still smiling. May I send my Doritos for Ollie to crush? LOVE the piranha game.

Sheri said...

Warren and I were chuckling as I read through my "happy" tears. what a great story. what great kids. what lucky parents (great too)!!!!

Glad you decided a while back that you were up to the challenge. What would we ever do without one?....

And don't forget, there's another one to contend with as soon as these are old enough to understand alittle bit better!

Kellie said...

This post was awesome! I was laughing out loud and had to read it to Jason. Thanks for the chuckle Jodi. Although maybe it wasn't so funny for you :)