Saturday, November 07, 2009

Coast trip part two

After the Science Center, we headed down to Mo's on the Newport waterfront.

Jake got a little tired of waiting and decided to make his own seafood

Max liked the idea of crumbling crackers into his chowder...

But I think we should have waited until they were done to tell them it had molusks in it.

Jake liked it anyways. This was his "I like it" face. Convinsing?

After lunch, we headed out where the rain had stopped for a moment. The "littles" behaved in typical fashion: This is their split up and dodge move.

We followed the sound of barking to find the sea lions.

Ollie and Noah were find watching on their own...until they pulled these faces.

The rain started once again, so it was time to find cover back in the car. We had planned on staying overnight, until we learned the bitter fact that our family now exceeds the limit for fire code and in order to rent a room, we would have to rent two. Yes, I was a little irritated...especially considering the room we were going to rent was about half the size of our normal living quarters. Sheesh.
Oh well. We had fun anyways and kids were snug in their warm beds by bedtime.


Mainely Me said...

I had to laugh at the 'split up and dodge' move!

Janine the Bean said...

Looks like such a fun trip. I can't wait for our similar trip. Though we're going backwards and started with mammals.

Ana said...

I am completely convinced by Jake's face :) I think he likes it!

Sheri said...

Well, at least they didn't tell you that every child must have his/her own room...!!!!
sounds like a lot of fun and the pictures are great. Wish I were there with you!!!

Wendy said...

Ohhh . . . my "other home," as AJ calls it . . . Next time kiss the ocean for me (okay, just touch it will do).

I am way behind on blogs but check in once in a while and had to see these pics!

The Singlers said...

The split and dodge move is just too funny. I can't imagine having two Samanthas - our house would never be clean!