Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Goodbye OMSI, Hello Aquarium!

This year, instead of renewing our OMSI membership with our Christmas money, we decided to trade it in for a different membership. It wasn't that we didn't enjoy OMSI. On the contrary, it was a blast. So before it expired, we took one last trip.

Buttons to push

Daddy enjoyed it as much as the kids I think!

"Hey! Why can't we get into this one?!"

Samson the T-Rex

We have great memories here. Also, we have memories of babies who are no longer interested in their strollers, and who like to play the split and dodge game in the middle of the crowds. There will be more years (judging by the fun Josh has there, MANY more years) of OMSI.

But THIS year, we used our "membership money" to further the boys fascination with all things marine by getting a pass to the aquarium. It is a shame how infrequently we get over to the coast...much in part to "what are we going to do if the weather is horrid with four little kids?" Well...problem solved. Now we can say "There is always the aquarium!" At least for this year.

Japanese Spider Crabs...the largest Arthropod (which we happen to be studying...they were thrilled to see one without traveling to Japan).

The nice thing about the littles and the aquarium: thick glass and nothing to push, grab or knock over.

God's creation is awe-inspiring.

The Jellies.

Back at home...furthering the learning with play.

Overall, I will miss OMSI and the Gilbert house. But we are very excited about getting to the coast more. AND...FYI, we got a pass which allows us two guest passes each visit (and at 15.00 per person, that's pretty good!) If anyone wants to go...just let us know and we can arrange a trip!


Ana said...

Woohoo! The aquarium is awesome. Love the pictures Jodi! We'll have to meet up over there sometime and let the boys enjoy it together!

Janine the Bean said...

I still can't decide...Zoo or aquarium. I wish we could just both use each other's memberships.

We will certainly tag along some time.


Kellie said...

I want to go with you :)

It makes me think of last year and all the fun we had at OMSI together. Miss you guys so much!

Sheri said...

sseing the pictures of OMSI made me think of how different things were for the "littles" now. Wow, have they grown. What fun family memories you have been able to give all 4 boys (5 counting Josh!).
What a great gift.