Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lily's First Week

It has been two weeks since a little explosion of color and sweetness came into our lives. Who knew she would so quickly capture six hearts? Each morning as I carry the tiny bundle out after she has slept in through the morning commotion which is, I am surrounded by chantings of "Lily! Lily!" and "Wiwi, Wiwi!" and "Biwi!"; as four mouths strain up to kiss her soft head. She is doted on, photographed, petted, held, and even fanned by her big brothers.

Yes...all roses and sweetness around here.

Okay...maybe not, but at least they aren't taking their adjustment issues out on Liliana.

One of the Frequently asked questions is with regard to how the boys are doing. Well, that is an
interesting question and really depends on which boy and what day. In reality, I think their adjustments are really due to their ages (gotta love those 2 year olds).

It is always a surprise when one comes home from the hospital with a new baby and sees her older child...the "used to be baby of the house" "How did they get so HUGE?" I left my little babies and came home to giants!" It suddenly looks ridiculous for them to have pacifiers and I begin to wonder "shouldn't they be potty trained already?" And then sense comes back to me and I realize...yes, they are still little, and no, this is not the right time to start with the "growing up" training. "Here's your darling little sister. Now give me all of your security things." No no, I will refrain myself and let them be little for longer. Yes, they're still pretty small.

Noah has been in the thick of the testing phase for quite some time. His days come and go, good and bad. He is a funny guy...never quite sure what he is thinking. Usually quite obedient unless he is in his defiant mood. Then come the tantrums and running off and "no no nos" And then there was Superbowl Sunday. We were at some friends house...getting ready to go...when Josh saw him with something in his mouth (not uncommon). He swiped it out...a brown glob...and, thinking he had swiped some chocolate from the table, threw it into the sink. The next day at work, the friend informed Josh that one of our children had pooped in a cup and put it in the sink. Well, we know our kids better than that. But it wasn't until Josh put two and two together that the nausea set in. Good grief! Seriously??? I knew he had a uniquely refined pallet (enjoying the finer things such as sand, dirt clods, paper, etc) but this was more than I could handle. Eventually I will be able to share food with him again.

Ollie is another story altogether. He too has entered toddlerdom,
but in a totally different way. Oliver was a spring baby. Not only a spring baby, but a Spring equinox baby. And not only that, but one of the meanings of his name is "army of elves." Yes, at times when he is prance-running away from me hysterically laughing after doing something naughty...he is a bit elfish. Everything...including a cause for laughing with Oliver. Unless he is crying. Not too many mellow moments with that boy. He, out of all the the olders, has been the most "interested" in Lily: showering her with kisses, hugs, and sweet tonal sounds resembling baby talk. I can usually tell what Ollie was eating by smelling Lily's head. (He likes wet kisses).

The big boys are also adoring towards her. Max more than Jake in attentiveness, constantly asking to hold her or kiss her or pet her; but Jake pulls the prize for protectiveness. He has already taken one of the littles down (a near tackle) when they were "about to do something that looked maybe dangerous for Lily." Let's hope this continues through teenage years. Those judo lessons may come in handy after all!

When we were looking for names, there was one which stood out for its meaning. Abigail. "Father's Joy." Strangely, it was the only name we could find with such a meaning. But fitting indeed as she certainly is her father's joy. He has always wanted a girl. And now despite short hours of sleep, she is the gleam in his eye.

And me? How do I feel about having a daughter? Well, I must admit...before she was born...I
thought I could be perfectly happy raising all sons. (and I am sure I would have been had God given us another boy). BUT...Wow. Words just can't express the feeling of having a daughter. The instant (different) bond with her. The way she makes me want to be a better woman.

She is our little beauty. Our princess. And even the hourly cries in the night don't seem so bad. Each moment looking at her gives me time to reflect, and to look ahead to the child, girl and woman I hope she becomes. Our little Lily Abigail. May she be pure, and a joy to her family.

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Coraly said...

the tutu.. really the tutu!!! I love it. You are truly blessed my friend...enjoy these precious moments for they disappear all to fast. Ayda is one next month!

Janine the Bean said...

Tears. So happy for you. :)

Janine the Bean said...

I should have written more than that. I was also laughing hysterically...had no idea that a possible meaning for Ollie's name was "army of elves". That cracks me up. He is a little elf.

Chocolate story...still too much for me. Can't get that yucky feeling in my throat to go away.

Jake the Protector is your eldest's new name. I can see him jumping off roofs to scare off Lily's suitors.

But most of all I truly am happy for you (and I kinda want a girl of my own...just kinda...maybe some day).


Rebekah said...

absolutely beautiful post :) I felt the same way after Penny was born, it makes you want to be a better woman :)

Mainely Me said...

Precious thoughts and photos. The tutu is darling! Well, Noah's chocolate story isn't what I would call "precious".....really no word to describe my reaction to that.

Ana said...

The picture of Liliana in the tutu made me smile! I love all your pictures Jodi--you're giving me future ideas for when our little one decides to make his/her arrival.

Kramer Family said...

I love the way you wrote about having a daughter. It is so very true how I feel. Also, how I feel that dad's play an important part in their daughters lives. Now getting to experience a boy and how I look forward to raising him to be a Godly gentlemen. The feeling of loving all my children is the same but the difference in how Dennis and I can be with now having both girls and a boy is awesome. So happy for you Jodi!

The Singlers said...

What a beautiful little girl with four great brothers! I can totally see Jake tackling in order to protect his sister. There is something about having a daughter that makes you want to be a better woman.

Marie said...

Lovely post! Pics are adorable, and your Noah-story rivals any others I've heard recently. :) We're so happy for you guys.

Jill said...

What a precious blessing- she is just too sweet!

Sheri said...

Lily - certainly a joy for all of us! we are blessed indeed, by all of the "little" Yoder family.

(but I have tried to stay away from kisses on the mouth from Noah lately)!

anne said...

I'm sure it's mayhem but sweetness at the same time at your house. Sounds like Noah and Isaiah are in the same developmental stage...No is Z's favorite word. He hasn't eaten poop yet but I wouldn't put it past him. He loves chocolate. :)

Love all the pictures. So precious. Would love to hear your adoption story if you are willing to share. Or email me...

afickel @ gmail. com

JPB said...

Wait ... Noah did what?