Friday, March 05, 2010

Where we are

Many reasons why this little window into our lives has been closed lately. Much of course has to do with the fact that the moments are rare when I have more than one-minute intervals on the computer (I'm becoming a fan of Facebook for its allowance of quick posting/catching up features).

Or maybe I just like to have the blinds closed sometimes.

I have started writing about being a conspicuous family..., adjusting to life with a new one who won't be put down, toddlers who are...well...toddlers and home school..., overpopulation and our contribution to the problem..., but I just can't seem to finish anything these days.

I did finish a hat for Lily, we finish school most days, and I always finish the day with a prayer for grace to face the next.

I'll open the blinds again soon to let you peek in as soon as I can find the mix of words to portray an accurate picture of the humorous chaos that is this phase of life.


Mainely Me said...


anne said...

I so feel you and I have less than half the children!! I think I feel you because of the 2 two year olds. it hilarious and challenging.

Much love.

Proud Parents said...

You amaze me! BUT, I still check your blog daily and I'm always thrilled with the pictures and updates. So, whenever you can is great! Give all the clan a hug from Grandma Arthur!

Agree with your friend that wrote...two was plenty most of the time.

Sheri said...

We can only imagine how busy you are right now. Take a breath and don't worry about us snoopy people. We just like to watch your amazing family!
Miss and love each one of you!

Coraly said...
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Janine the Bean said...

I'm sure that when you do finally find some words to portray an accurate picture of life, it will make me laugh. Keep laughing, even amidst the chaos.

And know you've always got a sister just a phone call away who can come visit...and add to the chaos??