Sunday, May 16, 2010


I remember our first Sunday with four... thinking of getting four kids ready for church and in the doors in a presentable fashion was nerve wracking.

Now, with five, it all just kind of falls into place. We may be a little disheveled; may not have perfectly pressed clothes or spotless pants ("Max, did you put these away dirty?") Yes, at times there is even the remnant of breakfast of their tiny cheeks which has to be remedied with the good old fashioned "finger and tongue" mother's trick before they hop out of the van at church. But we are there, ready to present ourselves to God for what we are and receive the grace He gives.

I wish there was a church photographer sometimes. So we could remember those sanctifying times. They are little. And they are many. So trying to get them where they need to be and sitting still...then standing ...then sitting...then praying...sitting for a long time...more singing...I am sure we are a sight. But we are there, presenting ourselves before God and receiving His grace.

After church, they are about ready to explode with the boyish energy which has been contained for the better part of the morning. Thank goodness for spring weather and the words "Yes, you may go outside." And thank goodness for simple green for those grass stained church pants. By the time we load back into the van, tiredness hits and often overcomes. But we were there. We came before God and we received His grace.

And despite who we are, or how loud our kids are; despite how far we have to go, we are there together. Accepted and loved. Sundays are good. Enjoy a peek at today.

Recognize the dress, Joy?


Mainely Me said...

Too precious. Good times; very GOOD God to grace us so.
And Lily is a perfect little model for some very cute dresses! Fun

Janine the Bean said...

Grace...I'm glad I don't have to live without it.

Thank God for matter how hard they can be.

Sheri said...

these Sundays will make for some very good memories for each and every member of the family. Looking back over my childhood I have more good memories of that day then any other. Especially because it is such a family day. Sooooo very glad you see the importance of taking your family to church even though it's not always the "easy" thing to do and you may not get alot out of it yourselves.