Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Brett

What were your uncles like growing up? Maybe it just falls as natural consequence being the daughter of parents on the "younger sibling" side of life. I loved my uncles (don't get me wrong) and always felt loved by them. But lets just say none of them played in a band. (At least not in my days) and most already had children of their own.

My boys will have quite a different story to tell.

Uncle Brett. is cool. hip. young.

Friday was his birthday...and the battle of the bands (which he was playing in). So we suited up in our fan clothes and went to see him play.

Happy Birthday Brett. You add to the lives of our kids and us. We love you!

"If you think I'm handsome, you should see my uncle"

"Uncle Brett: he's my guitar hero"

"Is your uncle this cool" and "He's only scary on the outside"

"Uncle Brett loves me"

Future band?


Ana said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you! Uncles are the bomb, especially uncles who are in bands.

Coraly said...

adorable!!! We love hip fun uncles!!!

Sheri said...

makes me smile for the millionth time! One of these pictures will now be my screen saver! Great to have hip, cool, young uncles but just as great to have a fan club like this!!!!

Kellie said...

Those are the cutest shirts ever! I want one :)