Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week One in Review

Week one brought an important realization regarding the scheduling of our days.

Here it is...the number one rule for planning your school time...

...Schedules are good...they are great and necessary...BUT....every day will be different. Get used to it. Learn to teach (and teach them to learn) with flexibility and spontaneity...AND YET...(repeat from beginning)

This is my mantra developed after only one week. Seriously...I couldn't even get one day to flow the same. But somehow everything got done and (more importantly) we all enjoyed the first week.

Monday: Day one of Classical Conversations. Seriously couldn't have gone better. I am sure they will love this program all year long.

Tuesday: Also a great day. Everything went as planned.

Wednesday: Hmmm...this pretty much happened all day.

Thursday...back to "better." Not as planned, but fun lessons were learned.

Friday: Fridays are "fun days" so go ahead and wear your "spy helmet" to your mosaic craft. Why not?

Here's to week one!

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Mainely Me said...

So fun to peek into your school week!