Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Floor...still in progress and "what were we thinking?"

Are there any impulsive people out there? You know who you are: thinking things through to their final conclusions and possible consequences simply takes too much time and spoils possible fun. You might as well just do it and get through it.

Well, in this instance, beautiful floors will be the outcome, fun has been working together with Josh; the consequences? What consequences? "You mean living in five hundred sq feet with five kids isn't fun?" you ask.

Well, I'll leave what that might look like to your imagination. As for the floors, they will indeed be worth all the effort. Now in only we can find time to do the second half of the house. (!)

feet on the warm rug
darling - living room cleared and ready to stain
presentation work - lots of room to spread out
The final look - now to wait three more days to "move onto them"


Ana said...

Oh yeah, I'm an impulsive "Let's do this!" kind of person. It took me over 4 weeks to paint a bathroom :) But your floors look beautiful! I bet your babes are having fun with a completely empty room as well!

Kellie said...

Looks great guys! All the hard work is worth it, right?!

The Seven of Us said...

Absolutely worth it.

The problem is, Ana, once the stain goes on, the boys are not allowed to walk on it. Only yesterday was Lily allowed to crawl around...but it will still be a few more days of living in the bedrooms.

Jill said...

Good thing the weather has been so nice! Its supposed to be 69 degrees up in Portland today!

The Singlers said...

The floors look great! Sorry that you are stuck for a while... It will be worth it in the end though.

Mainely Me said...

Wow! The floor looks even more beautiful than I imagined!

Hang in there; some day it will be funny.

Sheri said...

beautiful!!! wow - you guys did great! I thought I was AMAZING when I had two little ones and we were remodeling - you guys beat me by far!!!! It will be worth it - just not today. :)

Ana said...

Aw :( That takes all the fun out of it! But that floor is absolutely beautiful!f