Sunday, March 13, 2011

OMSI Once Again

Two years ago we bought a membership to OMSI. During that year, our little "stroller sitters" became active toddlers who perfected the split and run strategy to drive parents crazy. Needless to say, OMSI was not the best place to practice our counter-strategies.

So, we traded our OMSI family fun for Oregon Coast Aquarium and zoo fun. It fit well with that year's science (biology) as we were able to learn all about mollusks, cnidarians, chondrichthyes, etc.

The Aquarium was great, (aside from some of the staff...maybe I will do a review later) but this year we chose to try OMSI again with our membership money.

Jake and Max are even MORE interested in the exhibits this year and the littles are actually able to try some things. There are a few too many "video games" in my opinion (two of the kids are always drawn to them first) but there are plenty of things to divert the attention of our media hounds.

Math vocab words "diameter," "circumference" and "radius" are helpful in the lesson on gears.

Testing out OMSI's space simulation ;)

Ollie must have experienced anti-gravity sickness or something. 

I took a picture of this so we can try it at home. Using all the digits, try to make the sum of any row equal 15. This should keep them busy for awhile. 

The glass elevator and escalators probably would have been sufficient for my small town kids. 

Oliver performing his own gravity experiment in the little kid play room

Earthquake resistant engineering. Also something we can try at home.

Lily loved the baby room. I only wish I had a video of her when a big kid (8 or so) tried to steal her nuts in the squirrel area.

I could really use a sink at this well as the double toilets in the family bathroom. 

Lils didn't want to get back in the stroller and is pouting. Oh boy!

Jake and Max doing what should be done when an earthquake hits. Duck and find cover.

Here's to the first of many memories this year!! Thanks, Mom and Dad B for the membership money ;) 


Steve Finnell said...

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Janine the Bean said...

Great pictures. I hope we can go together this year. :)

Heidi Jensen said...

Great pictures. Sweet memories. .... Lily's reaction to the nuts sounds pretty funny. :-) I think I've seen pictures of the Duggard home with short sinks and little toilets - I like it too.