Monday, April 23, 2012

Trail Time: Takena Landing

Corvallis has a book. It's called Corvallis Trails and it is FULL of miles of what we love about the Valley: woods, rivers, wildlife, and (above all) open roads for the boys to explore. 

In our quest for free family fun, we decided to see how many trails we can blaze. Here is our first.

TAKENA LANDING (North Albany) 
Right on Hwy 20 before you go over the bridges. 

The parking area was the perfect place for a pre-hike snack. Picnic benches sit next to the river and boat docks provide entertainment (what is it about standing near the edge of a river?) 

 At the trail head. Ready to GO.

And they're OFF. The trail basically follows the river...peaking every once in a while down a little trail to the banks.

The path is packed dirt (small puddles of mud after the rain)

A flat trail...with no significant incline makes it easy on little legs of toddlers.

I would recommend staying on the trail. Below is a picture of stinging nettle. Lesson one of trail-hiking. We can all identify it now. Unfortunately, not before two hikers decided to hide off the trail. 

It was a very nice hike. The trial is around 4 miles round trip, but we turned back and walked a total of 1.8 miles. 

wildlife count: 
2 snakes
1 woodpecker
2 butterflies
2 redish snails


Joni said...

Great idea, great hike and great pictures!

Kellie said...

looks like fun... except for the snake part. Although I bet the boys liked that :)

Mainely Me said...

Sounds like a great place for Grammy to get some exercise! I could even RUN if I encountered a snake: )