Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Hug

If you've never spent time listening to Michael are missing something. 

As a child he illustrated Scripture for me, encouraged me. I remember being so excited when, at a concert, he stopped in the hallway to talk with me. 

And now that I'm grown, I am not sure if I can fully say how much his music has means to my life and understanding of the Christian journey. We listen to the songs together...them finding color and life in the unique way he tells the Stories as I hear truth in the most simple ways...brought out in his songs. 

So when I heard he was going to be in Portland, there wasn't much of a hesitation to go. With all 5 kids. You see, they too have come to love the music he sings. The stories he tells. I wanted them to be able to see him in person. 

We took our seats, settled the kids for the hour wait before the concert started. We saw him walking about in the hallway. So...we went to meet him. First Jake and Max...then Noah came trotting along...each one saying hello and shaking his hand as he spoke ever so patiently with them. 

Then Ollie realized he had missed the chance and asked "PLEEEAAAASSEEE....can I go??????" But he had gone. 

Soon he came and saw down in the back and Ollie just HAD to have a chance to go say hello. The following is the conversation. 

Michael: "Well hello there!" 

Ollie: -------------- (if you know Ollie...insert his scrunched up lip face)

Michael: "What happened to your head...


Michael: "It looks like you got a little bump."

Ollie: ----------------

Michael. "Your shoes don't have any laces in them. 

Ollie: ---------------------- (small glance at his shoes)

Michael: "You see...I notice everything." 

Me: "Well Ollie...we should go sit down now. Can you say goodbye?

Ollie: ----------- 

And then...with one sudden movement...his arms shoot out to ask for a hug. 

(Big hug) 

Michael: "I needed that." 

They wiggled and squirmed through the concert (it was very long and late for three toddlers) and occasionally popped their heads up when they knew one of the songs. I walked around with Lils...I didn't hear everything and was distracted...but it was worth it. Having my kids share a love for his music and a love for those songs was worth it. I hope they never forget.

And the next day...Ollie asked if we could see Michael Card again. 


Carrie said...

That is awesome. I love sharing things that I loved growing up with my kids (and having them love it also.) Nothing beats that feeling of legacy!

Sheri said...

what a great thing to do with the kids. Love the story of Ollie. He'll always remember that night!