Monday, June 03, 2013

50 miles together

Do you ever have those times in your family of being...well...out of sync?

We're usually together, but rarely...together. Make sense? It is often seven different people doing seven different things. Jake needs to do his math. Josh must do his research. Max is reading his book. Ollie is working on his reading. Noah is doing his work on the Ipad, Lily follows me around while I try to do my chores. 

So this summer we have made a family goal. We will walk 50 miles together. No person can be absent or the goal will not be complete. We're on this path together. Blessed to be together, navigating the trails of life.

I'm not sure if everyone needs some symbolic goal to make this connection, but sometimes figuring out yourself is what it takes to change. 

2 miles down, 48 to go. 

If you would like to join us on a hike, you are more than welcome to come!


Mainely Me said...

Good idea. I REALLY want to join you for a few miles; don't get to 50 before we get back home!

alpidarkomama said...

I LOVE that idea!!! We'll have to do something like that... Except it's horrible yucky hot here.... Maybe it will be for the fall. :)